Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Califa's eBook Project

An update on our eBook project in The Digital Shift:

Also not in the article is the fact that we're having a Naming Contest for the service.  Submit a great name, and if we choose yours, you will win an iPad!  We want something that conveys:
- this is a project from libraries, for libraries; a membership cooperative project.
- this is a service that is a step towards a solution.  It will continue to evolve as we need it to.  But it's something that lets us focus our energy, and stop just sitting around feeling helpless.
- it will be innovative, experimental, and we will learn as we go along.
- it is collaborative.
- it's FUN!

If you have a name that you think reflects all of that, email it to me with the subject "eBook Name" and we will let our members choose the best from the top ones we receive (of course we'll have to work to ensure that it's available, doesn't violate copyright, etc).  The deadline for entry is July 31.

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