Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rocks Backpages update

An update from Rocks Backpages, the music journalism vendor that has amazing historical pop music stories, including audio.  


Rock’s Backpages (RBP) is now on new servers (with a new content management system and access management system, all built in house) and new technology underlying it, for the users experience:
It is quicker
It looks better on screen
Works wonderfully on any mobile device
·         Enhanced Social networking via Facebook (like/share etc), Twitter and Tumbler
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(Our facebook group has over 1,750 members and is very active)
·         Homepage Genre Quick links: vastly increased – it’s not just Rock!
·         Improved Backpages 365 – it happened on this day in history
·         Guardian News Music link: Every week an RBP archive piece on Guardian music – also links in with the social networking above
·         Academic Charts Online: RBP now links with Academic Charts Online (ACO) allowing seamless linking for ACO users.
·         Images & Tumblr – we often get asked about images and magazine covers etc, but RBP is about the writing, however now you can now see an archive of the relevant materials via tumblr:
·         STOP BY RBP's weekly SPOTIFY PLAYLIST, based on our new library pieces.
·         We are delighted to present our brand-new LIBRARIANS' INFO page, complete with account admin facilities, promo and training materials, and licensing and technical info.
·         To our illustrious masthead of contributors we welcome Sounds metal mainstay GEOFF BARTON and Philly-based rockademic DEVON POWERS! See the full list of RBP writers.

To celebrate the New Year and a new Rock’s Backpages we are offering a 20% DISCOUNT* for any institution that places a new subscription order for Rock's Backpages on or before 28th February 2013

For those who trialled Rock’s Backpages in the latter half of 2012 we would like to offer a 25% DISCOUNT*, applicable for any institution that trialled RBP between 1st June 2012 and 31st December 2012) and places a new subscription order for Rock's Backpages on or before 28th February 2013.