Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Product - ProQuest Press Display!

We are happy to be offering ths new database from ProQuest. If you would like pricing, or any other information, please let me know!


We’re pleased to announce that we’re offering NewspaperDirect PressDisplay as a new resource to Califa libraries in 2010.

All orders placed in December (payment in January is fine) will receive an additional 5% discount! Ask us for more info!

This database provides full-color, full-page access to more than 1,000 newspapers in 41 different languages from 84 countries around the world. It reads just like a real newspaper, so you can see every photo, every caption, every ad, classified and article. There is a translator feature to covert the articles from English to another language (or vice versa). There are 130 U.S. papers, including the USA TODAY, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, Houston Chronicle, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Seattle Post, and many more! This database is rich in Hispanic and Asian news – perfect for diverse communities!

Here are some other points of the database that you might find interesting:

· Customizable – put your favorite newspapers as “Librarian’s Picks” on the home page

· We offer dynamic icons for your website. Simply pick a paper (like the LA Times) and include our dynamic URLS and images. Then, every day the icon will change to reflect that day’s front page.

· Front-page News - the front page of the interface offers categories such as Top News, Business, Sports, and the World in Pictures.

· Multi-title searching - users can keyword and topic search across all titles and the entire 60-day rolling archive.

· Library Administration Tool - library staff can now control the content that appears on the front page of PressDisplay through the use of the new library administration tool. Administrators can also pull several different usage reports from this tool.

· Full-page and custom area printing for all titles - users can print page images, in addition to article-level printing.

· Article Rank-measures the interest or popularity of an article, which is determined by the length of time readers spend on that specific article and by the overall attention the article received from all users. Article Rank is continually updated to reflect the most current reading preferences as determined by PressDisplay readers.

· My Newspapers - library staff can customize the front page to display the newspapers their patrons read most.

· Multilingual Interface - the interface is available in English, French, Russian, Italian, German, and Arabic.

· Instant Translation - up to 12 major foreign languages available

· Social Networking - blog, Digg and link to articles in Facebook or

· Sound Integration - now readers can listen to an audio version of an article through Windows Media Player, while simultaneously reading other newspapers or using other applications (great for the visually impaired!)

· Commenting - join conversations and comment on articles within PressDisplay

· Table of Contents - section-by-section list of articles

· Article Text View - ASCII text view

· Article Jumps and hyperlinks - quick link to the rest of the article

· Live Email - users can email writers with responses and feedback

· Related Articles - users can read additional articles on similar topics

· Remote access is included! Sold by simultaneous users

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Califa Vendor: Boopsie

We are very happy to announce that we have an agreement with Boopsie, a mobile solutions provider for libraries and colleges. They are providing 40% savings on first-year cost for libraries that sign up before Jan 31, a 15% discount for libraries that sign up before Feb 28, and a 10% discount for libraries that sign up before Mar 31.

We will be hosting 90-minute introductory webinars on the following dates:

Tuesday Dec 8 at 2pm
Tuesday Dec 15 at 2pm

If you would like to attend one of these webinars, please email me back with your name, library name, and email address in the body of the message. Please also include the session you want to participate in.

Boopsie is WorldCat/OCLC's mobile solution, ALA's partner for ALA 2009, LITA's partner for LITA 2009, CLA's partner for CLA 2009, and are now engaging a broad range of academic and public libraries.

The guys at Boopsie have reduced a complex development and maintenance effort with man-years of resource requirements into a world-class solution that launches in a matter of weeks across all major devices (not just the iPhone!). They take care of all hosting and platform expansion. Note also that they have a next generation native app solution and not simply an older browser-based mobile solution.

The following demos show some of their mobile solutions for libraries:

Santa Clara County Library:
Indiana University:
WorldCat/OCLC iPhone:
WorldCat/OCLC Windows Mobile:
WorldCat/OCLC Blackberry:
WorldCat/OCLC Android:

If you have questions, would like a quote, or more information about this vendor, please let us know!