Wednesday, August 11, 2010

what do you think about this?

An email many of you may have received....

I hope what we have to offer is something that will be of value to your patrons. I have attached an information sheet describing the Tuition Funding Sources website for your review. Feel free to give that information to anyone in your system.

Here is the link and log-in to our website, which you can also share with anyone:

Tuition Funding Sources is the premier, largest scholarship database in existence - and it is NOT a commercial site - no advertising, no selling of email addresses, etc. It is the Pepsi Cola Company's desire to make this affordable to EVERY library in the nation - so, as I mentioned, the pricing is very low per branch ($100/branch), and we can be flexible to make it something you can acquire for the upcoming school year. Pepsi is allowing us to contact libraries over the next 45 days - then, at the end of September, they will evaluate where they are at, how much they've spent, and determine what to do for next year. However, they will underwrite the cost of the service in future years for ALL libraries signing up for the service this year. As I said, I will do everything I can to make it affordable for your library system.

I look forward to talking with you in the next few days, after you've had an opportunity to review the website and information.

....Soooo....what do you think about this? Something interesting you may want to take advantage of?