Monday, April 20, 2015

Marketing Your Database

Vendors want you to spread the word about their databases and many of them provide all kinds of promotional items to help you do just that. Gale has a program called Gale ProMo, which provides libraries with free custom promotional materials such as bookmarks, posters, and tent cards.
You can access these materials by signing in, where you're given the option to choose standard (I'll Take It) items, or custom-made (I'll Tweak It) materials with your library name, logo, quick response codes, website, contact information, and more. Promotional materials for specific products or general promotional items are available. Choose your quantity, place your order, and it will arrive in about a week.
To sign in, you must type in your Username and Password.
Your username is: gale + your account number (ex.: gale123456)
Your password is: only your account number (ex.: 123456)

These materials are available for the majority of their databases, material for the newer databases are still being worked on.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Total Boox Launches Free Reading Campaign

In honor of National Library Week, Total Boox is making its entire collection of ebooks available for free reading through the end of April, 2015. Anyone with an Android, IOS, and Kindle Fire tablet or an Android phone can read over 35,000 quality titles for free at

Librarians are invited to take advantage of this unique opportunity and encourage their patrons to explore the plethora of ebooks that Total Boox offers—from romance, mystery, and literary fiction to self-help, travel, and cooking—at no cost to the patron or the library.

“We had phenomenal success when we first introduced our “free reading” campaign in honor of the National Library Week in April 2014,” said Yoav Lorch, Founder and CEO of Total Boox. “The mission this year is the same: to celebrate libraries by inviting people to read, with no limitations.”

Total Boox provides instant access to an array of fiction and nonfiction titles bearing imprints of the world’s top publishers, including the Workman group, O’Reilly, FW Media, Sourcebooks, Other Press, Berlitz, New World Library, Red Wheel Weiser, Berrett-Koehler, Open-Road, and many more.

For instructions on how to register and download ebooks for free, go to

From No Shelf Required:

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

enki Training at Folsom Public Library

Please join us for an overview and introductory training on enki eBooks on 
Tuesday, May 12th  at 10 AM - 12 Noon at the Folsom Public Library.  

RSVPs are required.  Limit 35.

Each two-hour course will cover:
  • What is enki? How was it developed and where is it now? 
  • enki resources such as support, marketing and the collection 
  • How to access enki to check out, download and return titles 
  • Statistics and reports 

Each training will include hands-on time, so please bring a personal device such as a laptop, tablet or smart phone. Please also bring a working library card and PIN number for a participating enki library. 

You will also need Adobe Digital Editions.

Training sessions will be taught by Amanda Jacobs Foust of enki Collection Development Coordinator for Califa.  

Monday, March 23, 2015

enki eBook Training

Please join us for an overview and introductory training on enki eBooks. 

Each two-hour course will cover:
  • What is enki? How was it developed and where is it now? 
  • enki resources such as support, marketing and the collection 
  • How to access enki to check out, download and return titles 
  • Statistics and reports 
Each training will include hands-on time, so please bring a personal device such as a laptop, tablet or smart phone. Please also bring a working library card and PIN number for a participating enki library. You will also need Adobe Digital Editions.

Northern California Sessions
Northern California training sessions will be taught by Amanda Jacobs Foust of enki collection development for Califa.  

RSVPs are required for Northern California. 

Thursday, April 2nd:
  • 10 AM-12/Noon at the Peninsula Library System Office: 2471 Flores Street, Room 204; San Mateo, CA 94403. There is a parking lot but most of the spaces are rented out.  Please don’t park in the lot.   There is all day street parking on 24th Ave. between Flores St, and Hacienda St. Limit: 24. 
  • 2 PM-4PM at San Jose State University: 150 E San Fernando, Classroom 217, San Jose, CA 95113  (corner of San Fernando and 4th) and the room is on the 2nd floor. There is a parking garage on 4th just north of the library, between Santa Clara and San Fernando, on the left side of the street.  (4th is a 1-way going south so you get to the garage before the library). Limit: 28 

Friday, April 3rd:
  • 10 AM- 12/Noon at the Marin County Free Library Technical Services Office at 1600 Los Gamos Dr., Suite 180, San Rafael, CA 9403.  Limit: 18. 

Southern California Sessions
Please email Linda Andersen at: if you plan to attend .
There will be an Orange County session in April, date to be determined.

Wednesday, March 25th:
  • 10 AM-12/Noon at the Riverside County Library System-Robidoux Library, 5840 Mission Blvd., Jurupa Valley, CA 92509
Wednesday, April 1st:
  • 9 AM-11 AM at the Palm Springs Public Library, 300 S. Sunrise Way, Palm Springs, CA  92262.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Promoting Your Databases

Even with discounts, databases can still be an expensive resource and many libraries comment that they are underused.  In order for them to be used, however, both patrons and staff must know they are there.  Some bookmarks, an email, or a widget on your website won't be enough.  It will take some time and require various methods so your patrons and staff are exposed to your message in different ways and multiple times. Databases need to be promoted.

First off it's important that staff knows their library has a database and they have been trained on how to use it. This enables staff to recommend a database, show how to use it or hold classes on certain databases. Many vendors offer ongoing webinar training on their products to review changes and updates and libraries can contact their reps or Califa to set up trainings or webinars for their staff.

Some libraries promote databases at staff meetings where a staff member trains everyone on a database. This has the additional benefit of providing staff members with the opportunity to hone their presentation and training skills.

Los Angeles Public Library has been promoting 'Featured Resources' for a few years now. Every month they choose a database which is highlighted on their Research & Homework page and they have a sign next to the reference desk in all their branches promoting that month's resource as well. 

Pasadena Public Library has created subject guides to promote their resources. They also feature monthly databases, which are listed on their main subject guide page. Some vendors will provide t-shirts, buttons or bookmarks that can be worn or handed out during such a promotion.

Cross promotion is another great way to not only remind patrons but staff as well of additional resources. In a reference book, the career center, or in the stacks where popular items (books, DVDs, CDs, audio books) are often checked out a library can place brochures, bookmarks, posters, signs or QR codes suggesting specific databases, e-books or streaming services. Again many of these materials are provided by the vendors.

Also in database classes staff can promote related databases or e-books. For example if a library is holding a class on a language database, they can also let patrons know they can access foreign films or music through a streaming service or check out an e-book in that language. 

A library should define an acceptable activity level or cost per use. This provides a benchmark to assist in the evaluation and to see if the promotions had any effect. If those databases aren't seeing much use, make sure you're giving them a chance, after all you have spent a lot of money on them. Unfortunately "Build it, and he will come" doesn't always work; sometimes you need to tell them about it. And not just once, but often.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Enter AWE's 2015 Video Contest for a chance to win an AWE Early Literacy Station

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.
  1. Create a short video, 30 to 90 seconds in length about your library. It should
  2. Show how you use AWE's Early Literacy Station(s) at your library or why you want one at your library. And it should
  3. Tell how the Early Literacy Station™ currently benefits or would benefit the young children in your community.
Three libraries will be selected as the winners. Each winner will win a free Early Literacy Station.

The submission period is March 16 - May 31, 2015.

For details:

Monday, January 26, 2015

New Staff Professional Development Resources from Gale

In hopes of assisting libraries in providing tools for staff professional development, Gale has compiled a list of eBook titles using the nomenclature compiled by WebJunction​ for the 2014 Competency Index, and bundled them by competency. 

The eBooks are from 4 leading publishing partners, focused specifically on library professional development topics and can provide an affordable self-directed option for staff looking to build or advance their skills. By creating a sub-collection within GVRL, staff will enjoy simultaneous access, article-level indexing,  PDF options, highlighting and notes and flexibility. 

The 2014 Competency Index was compiled by WebJunction and delivered to the community by OCLC. Input from a number of library practitioners, leaders and organizations was gathered and reviewed by subject matter experts. This index is endorsed by ALA.
You may read the full Index here, but in summary there are 5 overarching competency areas, as well as sub-topics/skills areas supporting each.
  1. Essential  Library  Competencies: These  competencies  are  the  underpinning  of  all  of  the  other  sections  of  the  Competency  Index.  Core  technology  skills  and  strong  interpersonal  skills  are  fundamental  for  everyone  who  works  in  a  library  in  any  position.  Librarians and  library  staff  who  possess  all  of  these  qualities  will  build  a  vibrant  and  relevant  library. Personal/Interpersonal Competencies are key In  most  situations  in  life,  where your  effectiveness  is  enhanced  by  clear  communication,  strong  relationships,  ethical  behavior  and the  flexibility  to  be  a  leader,  team  player  and  lifelong  learner.
  2. Library  Collection  Competencies: Library  collections  exist  to  meet  the  diverse  lifelong  learning  needs  of  their  users  and  communities.  Laws  and  policies  guide  practice.  Efficient  workflows  and  practices  help  provide  organized  and  expedient  access.
  3. Library  Management  Competencies: Today’s  organizational  cultures  are  less  traditionally  hierarchical  in  structure  and  focus  more  on  collaboration  and  empowerment.  Library  directors  and  leaders  manage  traditional  responsibilities  like  finances  and  facilities,  but must  also  be  excellent  communicators  who  inspire  others  and  act  with  the  larger  community  in  mind.
  4. Public  Services  Competencies: All  of  the  services  that  interface  directly  with  the  library’s  users  come  together  under  the  heading  of  public  services.  These  frontline  staff  anticipate and  meet  the  needs  of  users  in  the  most  visible  way.  Fully  supported  by  all  of  the  other sectors  and  departments,  they  work  to  provide  the  best  possible  programs  and  services  to  the  library  community.
  5. Technology  Competencies:  Systems  and IT: Technology  is  now  ubiquitous  in  libraries  and  IT intersects  with  all departments. Depending  on  the  size  and  type  of  library,  there  may  be  strict  divisions  between  the  responsibilities  of  IT  staff  and  other  library  staff,  or  the  line   may  be  more  indistinct  as  it  is  for  “accidental”  systems  librarians  in  small  libraries.  Certain IT functions may be handled by consultants, too. 
About the Titles
This package includes more than 100 2012-14 titles across 4 leading publishers—all current. 60 of the titles are copyright year 2014.
  • Chandos Publishing: An imprint of Elsevier, Chandos Publishing is a leading publisher in library and information science and social science, producing books combining theory and practice into high-value resources. Chandos represents more than ½ the total package and has titles covering everything from leadership to social media marketing.
  • Information Today: Information Today, Inc. is the publisher of several Internet and Technology magazines, newsletters and books all geared toward the library, information & knowledge management community. Available in this package are a dozen eBooks including titles like Career Q&A: A Librarian’s Real-Life, Practical Guide to Managing a Successful CareerThe Accidental Systems LibrarianThe Cybrarian’s Web, and more.
  • Libraries Unlimited: An imprint of ABC-Clio, Libraries Unlimited serves academic, public, school, and special libraries by producing library science textbooks, reference works, practical handbooks, and professional guides designed to help library professionals keep current with leading-edge trends and acquire new skills through every phase of their careers.
  • Wiley: Wiley is a leading publisher of global research, professional development and education materials. Hand-selected specifically for this collection are titles which can help libraries advance in the areas of marketing and leadership including eBooks such as Great Leadership Creates Great WorkplacesThe New Rules of Marketing & PR, and Pinterest Marketing: An Hour a Day

For titles and pricing information, click here.