Monday, November 21, 2011

A to Z Databases update

Many thanks to the libraries who participated in the Product Review for A to Z Databases.  The final review with scores and vendor responses is on our website under Products --> Product Reviews.  Alternatively, you can download it directly using this link:

Please note that a trial is still available until December 1, and there are threshold discounts for anyone who signs up before December 15 (to be billed in January).  The trial info is on our site ->members-->internal documents (you will need to sign in with your Califa login and password).  All our trial information is on that Members Only page.  If you would like a quote, or need more info, please let me know.

Finally, many of you had questions after the webinars, and Christine sent the following answers, as well as some updates on changes that were just made. 

First, the changes as of November 16 (from Christine at A to Z):

I haven’t typed up an official press release, but wanted to let you know that we have made these changes last night and are now in

-          Added 8 million email addresses in the detailed business database.
-          Now display up to 100 executives in the detailed business listing.
-          Added the capability to search for interests/hobbies/lifestyles within the 220 million residential database.  There are 135 categories to select by.
-          We are on track to have the mobile application done in January 2012. 

And second, the responses to the questions that came up in the webinar (again, from Christine):

  I wanted to attach some information from questions that came up over the last two webinars.  If you can forward onto those who registered with you or out to the whole group, I would appreciate it.   While we are adding this additional language to our homepage on New Businesses, New Movers and New Homeowners, I wanted everyone to know how we gather the information.  I have attached it below.

-            There was a question about the email addresses that we will be adding to the database.  I have been told there are no generic company emails, just individual addresses.

-           I mentioned how the email addresses will be a view only.  I asked a bit further about this.  Right now this is an executive decision and will see if this will change.   I did confirm that you would be able to highlight the data to paste it into a spreadsheet/email.  I will let you know more as we make it available.    

-           There was a question about being able to search by fax numbers.  I attempted this with the group and it didn’t work.   When I discussed with our programmer, I was told the intent is to allow this.  They will look into and change so that patrons will be able to search by fax numbers.

New Businesses
New Businesses are acquired through multiple sources including state Secretary of State filings and new phone connect records.  When a business is in the process of establishing itself, state laws require that documents be filed with the Secretary of State’s office in that state.  These records are made available to the general public and are obtained and incorporated into the New Business Database.  New phone connect information is provided by local phone companies whenever a new phone number is connected.  Each week, these two sources are combined into the New Business Database.   
New Movers
New Movers are acquired through multiple sources including register of deeds records and new phone connect records.  When someone purchases a new home, the transaction is recorded at the local county register of deeds’ office.  In the majority of states, these records are made available to the general public and are obtained and incorporated into the New Mover Database.  New phone connect information is provided by local phone companies whenever a new phone number is connected.  Approximately 82% of the records in the New Mover Database are sourced by telephone connect information with the remaining 82% coming from deed filing records.  On average, records in the new mover file have been in their homes for 3 to 12 weeks when they are made available to customers with most being there for between 30 and 60 days.
New Homeowners
New Homeowner information is provided by county register of deeds offices in most of the 50 United States.  As properties are bought and sold, the deed for the property, containing the purchaser’s name, the sale price and sale date, has to be recorded by the county government.  In most states, these records are considered public information and are made available to the general public.  However, the state law in several states does not require the recorder’s office to make sales related information available to the public, including the sales price and sales date of the property.  As a result, the number of new homeowner records in these states may be low.  In addition, each county reports their deed information on a different schedule.  Some counties report every week, some counties report once a month and some counties report whenever it is most convenient for them.  This can result in a wide range of purchase dates being made available each week and fluctuations in counts in each county from week to week.   

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