Tuesday, November 15, 2011

TO: Cooperative Systems 

FROM: Gerry Maginnity 

I need your help in distributing this information.  Please distribute far and wide. If you know anyone that might be interested they can call me for more info.

The Library Development Services Bureau of the California State Library is recruiting  Library Programs Consultants (LPC) to provide leadership to California libraries. In order to do this we need to establish a list of qualified candidates to fill vacancies over the next year or so.  

While our most immediate need is in the area of children and youth services, we hope to be able to fill other needs over time. Basically, Library Programs Consultants provide leadership to libraries on the creation and coordination of statewide and local library programs and develop, review, analyze, and monitor grant programs.

Below are some great stories of what we’re doing for California libraries. Please consider joining our team!

  • Develop what libraries will look like in 10 years.  What new programs or services will meet the changing needs of California communities?  We monitor trends and community needs to create cutting-edge services and programs to keep our libraries vital.
  • Work with and be inspired by library staff, volunteers and supporters who are all committed to ensuring their local libraries are a place of pride and a community center for learning, gathering and sharing.
  • Help bring statewide summer reading programs to over half-a-million people.
  • Cross-pollinate great ideas and programs from one part of the state to another.  Working from a statewide vantage point allows you to share resources and best practices throughout CA and help libraries collaborate and mentor each other. 
  • Put your passion for libraries into action.  You get to work with all kinds of libraries in all kinds of communities as well as explore potential partnerships with a wide range of public and private organizations. Plus you get to design creative, forward-thinking initiatives that support and inspire library innovation statewide.
  • Be lucky enough to work with a remarkable group of library professionals who provide consumer health information and serve everyone from families with very young children to midlife adults and older.
  • Help gather the statistical data that illustrate how CA public libraries are providing a wide variety of services everyday to millions of registered borrowers.
  • Partner with national organizations and programs to bring additional resources to California libraries and the communities they serve.
  • Help develop information resources and services for California tribes, encourage partnerships between rural public libraries and tribal libraries, and promote historically accurate and culturally sensitive resources for all communities.
  • Be a part of the California Center for the Book and participate in the annual National Book Festival in Washington, DC.

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