Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A to Z Databases and Atomic Learning

1) We are looking at putting together a review committee to review A to Z Databases for a review we'd publish on our website.  How it works is that you tell me that you'd like to be on the committee, and then I send you the questions that need to be answered/areas ranked.  You use the trial and give a score to each area outlined in the questions,  and then I compile all the scores and get an average, and put in sample comments - confidentially - below each score.  If you'd like to be part of this, and can give a thoughtful review by November 10, please let me know.  And thank you!

2)  We are considering working with Atomic Learning.  They compete with Lynda.com to provide training on software both inside the library, and remotely from home.  I have trial codes that I can pass out, so if you are interested, please let me know.  I look forward to any feedback our members might have on this company and their product.  You can view their flyer and the applications covered in their library product by viewing the flyers available here:
General flyer with list pricing: http://califa.org/uploadfiles/atomicflyer.pdf
Programs/applications covered: http://califa.org/uploadfiles/atomicapplications.pdf

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