Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Product: Film Ideas

There is a big push to help Americans become financially literate.  ALA is doing its part by encouraging libraries to develop Financial Well-Being programs.  Film Ideas has released a new Financial Literacy Streaming service that is now available to CALIFA members! 

The Financial Literacy Streaming Service subscription provides an internet based digital stream with a focus on financial literacy skills.  Built around the Emmy winning BizKid$ Series and Life Skills for Young Adults Series, the content provides valuable information on financial literacy, career skills, entrepreneurship, business and more.
Our goal is to provide "learning segments"  that are engaging and engrossing, delivered and navigated on the desktop.  Important benefits include peer-to peer presentations that maintains an ethnically balanced delivery.  The content is well designed to actively engage all viewers by opening new avenues of understanding using a hip, contemporary approach.  A broad host of user oriented resources further enriches.
Key Concepts and benefits:
  * Designed for in-library use and for remote access
  * Content suitable for broad range of ages: youth, young adult, and adult
  * Strong visual support for Financial Literacy concepts with contemporary, Emmy award-winning digital content.
  * Extensive resources: family focused activities, games, links and guides.
  * Ability to create custom playlists
  * All content is also available on DVD format for the library circulating collection

There is a trial on the Califa website at http://califa.org/members_only.php.  You will need your Califa login to access that page - if you need it, let me know.

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