Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Save Your California Public Library Funding from Cuts!

Governor Brown’s proposed budget cuts of $30.4 million will have a devastating effect on your access to resources and programs at your local library. 

·         Cuts that threaten your access to much needed books, dvd’s, and other materials you receive from other libraries in California through inter-library loan.

·         Crucial literacy programs in 800 public libraries across the state that provide skills to support good citizenship, employment opportunities and families who value education.

·         Eliminates some libraries’ only support to fund library materials

·         Cuts will mean an additional loss of $16 million in current matching federal funds

Don’t wait until its too late, contact the Governor, your Senator and Assemblyperson now! Let them know how important libraries and its services are to you and your family.

TAKE ACTION - see our posts below on what to do...

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