Tuesday, July 15, 2008

3M/Checkpoint Participation Survey

With the merger of 3M and Checkpoint, Califa is being offered a discount program on security gates and self-charge systems from both vendors. We will be sponsoring a webinar on August 6th to detail the differences among the available equipment (contact Califa@califa.org if you would like to attend).

We are also surveying members to determine interest in purchasing 3M or Checkpoint equipment through us. With an aggregated order (10 units or more), we will be able to offer every library a discount. The larger the order the larger the discount. To determine the level of discount, we are asking members to provide information of their security system/self check-out needs in 2008-09.

The survey is available here and will close at noon on Friday, August 1st. Thank you very much for you participation in this survey.

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