Thursday, June 26, 2008 Discounts

Califa and the Metropolitan Cooperative Library System (MCLS) are happy to announce a joint discount program for our members from CraftySpace, a website design and development company. has been developed by CraftySpace to bring professionally developed website services to libraries.

CraftySpace offers three options that are appropriate for libraries of varied sizes and with different budgets:

· The Subscription program is designed for small community libraries that often lack technology support or infrastructure. It is a hosted solution with a low entry cost and includes ongoing support, secure site hosting, and continuous technology upgrades.

· Larger libraries may take advantage of a Customized Site program that meets the need for a site that can be hosted on internal servers and maintained by technology staff. These websites include significant amounts of customized page graphics and features that enhance online community building.

· Custom Development projects are appropriate for very large library districts or systems that support numerous branch libraries. These websites include all of the features found in our other library programs. Additionally, they incorporate management features enabling multiple levels of administrative access. This enables management control and uniformity throughout the system, while empowering each branch with tools to address and serve their local patron communities.

All work done by CraftySpace is supported with a unique 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. If the site and support services do not meet expectations during the first 60 days following site launch, all fees are refunded.

For more information on these packages and to view sample sites, please go to the CraftySpace website at Deeper discounts are available from the prices that are listed on the site. Please note that while we will have an ongoing discount with CraftySpace, they are also offering an additional discount to all libraries who sign up before July 1.

For all questions, please email if your library is NOT an MCLS member, or contact if your library is a member of MCLS.

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