Monday, June 9, 2008

Califa Web Site Gets a Redesign – Launching Wednesday!

Califa is excited to announce a new and improved Web site that will replace the existing site at

In addition to a new design and brighter feel, the site will improve your ability to access the majority of Califa’s information without the need for remembering your password and login.

The site features a simple top navigation bar for finding Califa news, products, services, and reviews. Quick links along the side give you easy access to the Califa blog and MySpace page along with our master list of products. A feed of our blog also appears so you can easily and quickly keep up to date with the latest Califa news.

The information on Califa products and services has been pared down and does not contain any pricing, so we can include it on a public page. While each product listed contains an up-to-date description, you will need to contact Califa staff in order to obtain the most current pricing information.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for additional improvements and refinements that will help make your experience at a much better one. We look forward to your feedback when the site goes live.

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