Monday, April 20, 2015

Marketing Your Database

Vendors want you to spread the word about their databases and many of them provide all kinds of promotional items to help you do just that. Gale has a program called Gale ProMo, which provides libraries with free custom promotional materials such as bookmarks, posters, and tent cards.
You can access these materials by signing in, where you're given the option to choose standard (I'll Take It) items, or custom-made (I'll Tweak It) materials with your library name, logo, quick response codes, website, contact information, and more. Promotional materials for specific products or general promotional items are available. Choose your quantity, place your order, and it will arrive in about a week.
To sign in, you must type in your Username and Password.
Your username is: gale + your account number (ex.: gale123456)
Your password is: only your account number (ex.: 123456)

These materials are available for the majority of their databases, material for the newer databases are still being worked on.

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