Tuesday, December 16, 2014

ScienceFlix, a new Scholastic product

We're excited to introduce ScienceFlix, a brand-new digital STEM product from Scholastic.

Please join us on January 13th at 10:00 am for an in-depth review of the many features and assets in this dynamic resource. 
To register: http://bit.ly/1A07tPY

ScienceFlix offers 30 complete scientific units over six curricula strands, each featuring:
· Engaging videos to build background knowledge and introduce the topic and key vocabulary
· Anchor articles written at three reading levels
· Supplemental articles written at three reading levels
· Project and experiment ideas
· Science career section
· News article with study guide
· Multimedia including interactive timeline, slideshows, videos and more
· Lesson plans
· Thousands of vetted websites on related content

For additional information, here is review from School Library Journal:

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