Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Enki Update

For those of you who saw our presentations at CLA or Internet Librarian, you'll know that the enki platform, the eBook platform created by librarians for librarians, is up and running, and will be available for all Califa members to join in January.  For pricing, email Heather at hteysko@califa.org.
The enki team has started a public blog to communicate the updates and new additions to the platform, available at http://enkilibrary.blogspot.com/  Some highlights of new additions this month are: 
- there are five new reports in addition to the circulation statistics for your library.  You can now search the most popular titles, a summary of usage for each title, unique users, and top 100 searches.  These reports are available to anyone, whether you're an enki member or not.
- the book carousel on the front page of enki now has tabs where you can see different books available in different genres.  The Available Now tab only features books that have copies available.  These tabs allow users to see the breadth of the collection available.
- There are now 26 libraries up and running on enki and we're excited to add more Califa members to that growing list.

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