Tuesday, August 27, 2013

From the State Library

To All Library Directors!

The deadline is fast approaching to complete the “On-line Survey on Broadband in California Public Libraries.” We need to hear from all 182 public library jurisdictions in the state, so if you have not begun the survey please start now!

If you were thinking this survey did not apply to you please contact us as soon as possible! We need everyone’s help in this important effort, and appreciate those of you who have completed the survey.

So far, unfortunately, the response rate has been VERY low, and we are concerned that the lack of response will send an erroneous message to the Governor & Legislature that there is not a  need for enhanced broadband in California’s public libraries. Please help us collect the data needed to demonstrate there IS an increasing need for high-speed broadband connectivity.

We know that some of you are in the process of gathering the necessary data to complete the survey, and we suggest you begin the survey even with just the central library data by August 30th, so that we know you are working on it. If you have questions about the survey or are having difficulty with gathering data or completing the survey we have people available and waiting to answer your questions & assist you as needed. 

For more information - Broadband Project Resources Page, or if you have a specific question contact the Broadband Project Help Desk.

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