Monday, April 23, 2012

The Little eBook Platform that Could (an eBook Journey update)

Hey y'all.  I bet you thought we disappeared, huh?  Nope, just had some time off for Easter, and then got swamped catching up.

And I actually don't have much report.  There is a lot going on, but not much that we can say publicly yet.  First, we have a technology partner - one of our member libraries has an amazing tech team, and they are going to help us with the management of the server, and all the technical stuff that is beyond our abilities.  We should have our agreement formalized in the next few weeks, and I will be able to announce who they are then.

We have also been talking with other consortia who would like to partner with us.  Again, nothing finalized; nothing I can announce, but lots of exciting discussions happening.

We have several companies working on quotes for the front-end discovery layer.  We will make an announcement who our development vendor will be by ALA, if not sooner.

And I've been speaking with lots of publishers.  I'm still receiving emails every day from small and independent publishers who are willing to work with us, which is eminently heartening.  I had a great talk with the Independent Publishers Group, who really get it, and are happy to sell us content from their publishers.  I've booked my travel to BEA, where I will meet with many more publishers.  I'm expecting that we will start buying content by late July or August, so it's great to have all these publishers lined up in advance.

And really, that's about all I have to report now.  Lots of stuff going on, and we should be able to make the announcements about the technology vendors and partners soon.  For now, just know that things are moving on apace, and we're so excited about this next phase of the project, where we can really start to make things happen!

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