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brainfuse jobnow testimonials

A few weeks ago I posted that we would be working with Brainfuse on their JobNow program, which provides real-time job coaching to those seeking work, providing help on things like building a resume, interviewing, etc. 

Below are some testimonials from other libraries who have been using the service that I thought I would pass along to those of you who have thought about how a product like this could serve your communities.  And I'm also pasting the remaining webinar dates and reservation here, too.  If the dates aren't convenient for you, but you're interested in finding out more, let me know and we can get another one scheduled.  Also, if you want a quote, let me know.

The webinars are here (with registration links)
Date: Thursday, January 12, 2012
Time: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST

Date: Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Time: 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM PST

Thank you!

Jefferson County Colorado testimonial -

Success stories:

San Bernardino County - Hesperia Branch:
 “I was out of work for over 2 ½ years… I came to the workshop… I was told [by the JobNow program] that there was too much information on my resume, so I weeded out all the unnecessary information… I posted my new resume online and within 2 days, I got several calls for interviews and a few days after that I was hired!!! ...Thank you for helping me find employment that I enjoy...” from a letter written by a job seeker who had been introduced to JobNow in the Hesperia branch, Grant Knowlton, Resource Center Manager
Friday, one of our regular customers went to a job fair in town; 30-40 employers and several hundred job-seekers, all dressed to the nines and with résumés in hand.
“I took my BrainFuse résumé, and the recruiter said that was the best résumé he had seen in a long time,” he said.   A couple of points attracted my attention: 1, the high quality was recognized by an HR professional, and 2, our patron had taken personal ownership of the brand, calling it his “BrainFuse résumé.”

Litchfield County, Connecticut
I just wanted you to know that I used the Resume Assistance feature of JobNow and was impressed with the results.  I had previously attended 3 resume workshops and had my resume reviewed by :  the CT Department of Labor, a Licensed Professional Counselor from a local community college, and a representative from an international Management Resource firm.  The analysis and feedback I got from the JobNow coach was by far the most helpful. 

MELSA Hennepin County
As a recent graduate, this service has proven to be more helpful than my university career center. One of the reasons that it is helpful is that it is non-confrontational and non-embarrassing. As an alum, you are not protected under FERPA. Communications like getting help on a resume are not always confidential in a university setting. A bad resume can be shared between friends, professors, or colleagues. That just isn't constructive when all people struggle with it. I am glad that I am able to take advantage of the Brainfuse service through my public library. This past session was particularly helpful because my cover letter has been coming off as overwhelming on one extreme and sounding like I am taking over a director's job on the other. Because I like to take a more creative approach to resume and cover letter writing, it has been helpful to particularly get feedback on resumes and cover letters that are styled like the TORI winners from Career Directors International. This is a great service and it just keeps getting better! :)

MELSA St. Paul Public Library

Subject: Workforce & JobNow success story

I just have to share another success story from the Arlington HotSpot!  This time it's in the area of Workforce.  I had a young man stop in this afternoon simply to tell me he just came from an interview where he got a job offer.  He said he got the offer because of the prep work he did here in the HotSpot and because of the help he received!  Yay!

He is a young guy just of the military who had been applying for security positions and had been in several times working on that.  I helped him a couple times working on his resume and we used the resume builder on JobNow and we also reviewed a lot of the interviewing tips and techniques on the JobNow site.  Two days ago he was in preparing for this interview.  We printed out his resume on our fancy new resume paper and we also did some research on the company with whom he was interviewing (we even used RefUSA!)

It's really gratifying that we where able to help him but even moreso that he stopped in specifically to tell me about his success and to tell me "Thanks."  Yay!

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