Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Califa Vendor - FilmIdeas

We are happy to be starting work with Film Ideas, a company that produces streaming videos on financial literacy.  A trial is available at our website - califa.org -->members -->internal documents (log in with your Califa login/pw - email me if you need it).  All our current trial information is there.

Here's a description of the product - I look forward to any feedback you might have.  Also, if you want a quote, let me know.

FI Channels is a sister company of Film Ideas, Inc., located in Wheeling, IL.  Film Ideas has been serving education and other non-theatrical markets beyond 30 years with quality content and engaging resources. 

The FI Channels subscription service version 1.0 incorporates the concept of an internet based streaming service aligned to a continuum of market channels.  As a subscriber, you can expect total satisfaction with our content and service. 

Our goal at FI Channels Streaming Service is to offer content that is enlightening, engaging and engrossing, delivered and navigated with just a click of the mouse on your desktop for sharing and projecting. As an additional option, the well focused content is available on chaptered DVD's for enhanced circulation or flexible check-out.

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