Monday, July 25, 2011

Gale Powerspeak Languages discount

We are happy to announce a new discount on Powerspeak Languages from Gale.  Full description and trial links are below. 

They will be having two webinars - one on July 28 at 10:30am and one on August 9 at 1pm.  To RSVP for these, please email me with your name, library name and email address in the body of the message.

Powerspeak Languages is a new online language learning course that uses a variety of methods to engage learners.  Ten languages are available covering over 97% of the language requests public libraries receive across the country. The offerings are Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Russian for native English speakers.  And for ESL library patrons the resource offers ESL – Spanish and ESL-Mandarin.
Beyond simple flashcards, each course uses a variety of multi-sensory activities to take full advantage of the brain’s ability to acquire language. Designed specifically for use by the diverse audience of library users, the courses include a combination of scored online activities, exercises, lessons and games.
Course lessons are bound together with rich graphics, audio, video, music and an intuitive way to check answers and track progress. Learners find a friendly structure that introduces vocabulary and are challenged to practice speaking and writing in a variety of interactive modules designed to simulate real conversations with native speakers.
Powerspeak Languages is the only language learning resource that uses a “virtual coach” – a knowledgeable, engaging speaker whose guidance explain the concepts for each lesson, offer encouragement and sharing interesting cultural notes about the language and its speakers.
Here is a Powerspeak Languages Trial Welcome Message for our  California Public Library Partners:

To start your trial Powerspeak Languages and request a quote for your library, just click on

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