Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Everyday numeracy: coming to a library near you

Several years ago, the National Science Foundation funded TERC, a non-profit organization in Cambridge MA, to develop realistic, accessible, and engaging ways for librarians build everyday numeracy into what they offer to children and families.  TERC worked closely with public children librarians in San Jose CA, Queens NY, St Louis MO, Westchester County NY, and dozens of libraries in AZ, CT, FL, and MA.

The result is over 200 English and Spanish resources that blend math and summer reading programs, story times, crafts projects, games, book displays, and library explorations.  They’re all available for free at http://mixinginmath.terc.edu.

External evaluation identified dramatic changes in attitudes about math and its role in the library, in the amount of math that librarians offer to children and families, and in librarians’ communication about math with patrons and peers. See http://mixinginmath.terc.edu/aboutMiM/Impact_MiM.cfm for a summary of findings and the Mixing in Math website to download the latest external evaluation report.

Questions or for more information, contact mixinginmath@terc.edu

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