Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gale Powerspeak offer for small publics

Gale has announced special pricing for PowerSpeak, their language learning product, for small public libraries who order by June 30. If you have fewer than 100,000 population served, and are interested in this product, email me for a quote. To trial, go to, then Members then Internal Documents. You'll need your Califa login/pw - email me if you don't have it. The trial login info is on that main members-only page.

Powerspeak features the 5 most demanded languages asked for by public libraries: Spanish, German, French, Mandarin Chinese, and ESL for Spanish speakers.

Powerspeak was founded on 30+ years of breakthrough research and has earned the unique distinction of being the leader in accredited online language courses.

Powerspeak works because it uses an arsenal of proven and effective teaching methods, not single-delivery techniques like listen and repeat, or memorization that have been shown to be ineffective. Vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, pronunciation are all covered.

Powerspeak makes learning a language fun with an engaging adventure story and multi-modal interaction like audio, video, rich graphics and music to stimulate all learning types: audible, visual and tactile. The creator of LeapFrog brought his vision to Powerspeak.

Powerspeak makes it easy to learn a new language with the extensive use of the diglot weave, a teaching method that gradually weaves together the language you already know with the language that you want to know.

Powerspeak teaches culture and how to communicate fluently, effectively and appropriately while in another country.

Powerspeak was designed with significant input from an advisory board of public librarians looking to build a more effective language product than has been available until now.

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