Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Califa Vendor - Shoutbomb

We are happy to announce a new vendor, discovered by one of our members who has happily worked with them. Shoutbomb is a company specializing in SMS applications and currently offer notifications such as late fees, holds, overdue and renewal notices of library items using text messaging applications. The software is hosted by the vendor, and the pricing includes unlimited notifications and text messages.

To announce their new service for libraries and their partnership with Califa, they will be hosting a webinar on March 12 at 10am. To RSVP for this webinar, please email califa@califa.org and include your name, library name, and email address.

While Shoutbomb is fairly new, several libraries are already using their services. You can view these posts from various Shoutbomb library customers to see how it is being used in libraries arleady.

Skokie Public Library: blog
Peninsula Library System: info

If you would like pricing, please also email califa@califa.org and let us know if you have any questions.

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