Thursday, November 20, 2008

Town Hall Meetings with the State Library

WorldCat, CalCat and Resource Sharing
Sponsored by Califa and the California State Library

Facilitated by Stacey Aldrich, Deputy State Librarian, Gerry Maginnity, Bureau Chief, Library Development Services, and Rush Brandis, Library Consultant

What do we want to accomplish in California with WorldCat, CalCat and resource sharing? Join us for a Town Hall Meeting to discuss these questions and to share ideas for how we can build the future of resource sharing. Don’t let your library miss out on this opportunity to be a part of the conversation!

These meeting are free, but attendees are required to register.
Registration Page

Dates and Locations
December 8: San Jose Public Library: Martin Luther King, Jr. Library
December 10: Solano County: Fairfield Civic Center Library
December 15: Shasta Public Library: Redding

January 6: San Diego County Library
January 7: Burbank Public Library
January 8: Fresno County Public Library: Fowler Branch


Rosanna Brown said...

I am very interested in participating in this discussion. Unfortunately, traveling from Susanville to the rest of California requires crossing the Sierra Nevada. Snow is likely to keep me from attending the meeting in Redding on Monday, 12/15/08 and, possibly, from the meetings in Sacramento in January 2009.

Economic problems preclude travel to any more distant locations.

Will there be a way to participate without physically attending? Will there be an archive of discussions at various locations.

Rosanna Brown
Lassen Community College Library
Susanville, CA
(60 miles due east of Mt. Lassen)

Heather at Califa said...

Rosanna, I will also email you directly in case you don't check this board, but for others who are interested, here is the response we received from the State Library:

1) Patty Hector is planning to set up a GoToMeeting session so that Rosanna Brown from Lassen Community College can attend remotely. She will also use VoIP for the audio. She said yesterday that Annette thinks more will attend remotely because of a winter storm coming in from the north over the weekend.

2) Stacey Aldrich is talking about a summary webinar once all of the sessions are complete. Nothing confirmed yet.