Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Trendwatching - DIY

The struggling economy means that a lot of library patrons are fixing their own leaky faucets, and changing their own oil rather than paying someone like a contractor or mechanic. Libraries can provide valuable services to their patrons by offering books and databases covering popular "Do it Yourself" projects.

One large library system recently purchased a suite of DIY databases from Ebsco. Their Auto Repair Reference Center has always been popular with Califa members, but this year they added to the options with the Home Improvement Reference Center (covering subjects ranging from how to put up drywall to rewiring your house) and Small Engine Repair Reference Center (lawnmowers have engines too).

Patrons are beginning to learn about these resources at the library, and many systems have seen their usage stats rise steadily this year. Discounted pricing and trials are available for Califa members. For more information email califa@califa.org.

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