Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Califa: save on more than databases!

A lot of people think "Califa: I get my databases through them..." BUT if that's the only thing you think of when you think Califa, you may be missing out on some big savings on supplies, books, furniture, and more!

Kudos to the following libraries who saved a good chunk of money this fall by purchasing equipment and supplies from Highsmith, using the Califa discount.

Azusa City Library
Bentley School
City of Escondido
El Molino High School
Imperial County Free Library
Lick Wilmerding High School
Long Beach Public Library
Marin County Free Library
Montclair Branch Library
Monterey Public Library
Murrieta Valley Unified School District
Naval Postgraduate School
Nevada County Library
Newport Beach Public Library
Oakland Public Library
Oxnard Public Library
Palm Springs Public Library
Palos Verdes Library District
Paso Robles Public Library
Pleasanton Public Library
Redondo Beach Public Library
Redwood High School
San Jose State University
San Leandro Public Library
Sir Francis Drake High school
Sonoma County Library
South Pasadena Public Library
Thousand Oaks Public Library

Make sure you view all our vendors before purchasing - we're always adding more, and there's a quicklist now that doesn't require a password. You might just be surprised at all the ways you can save money and time through Califa!

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