Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Trial Information for TumbleBooks

We are working on our TumbleBooks renewal, which is a very popular product. If you are a TumbleBook library we will be contacting you regarding your renewal.

We are also working with TumbleBooks to introduce their latest product, TumbleReadables, that features high-interest/low vocabulary audiobooks for young adults.

Please take some time to evaluate the trial, which is active until the end of the year and send along any feedback you may have.
username - california
password - login


Anonymous said...

Is this trial for staff only, or can we allow our patrons access? Also, are you going to post the MYiLIBRARY trial username and password, or did I miss it?

Livermore Public Library

Heather at Califa said...

Yes, Renee - you can allow patrons access.