Wednesday, October 31, 2007

November Product Offers and Deadlines

We have several products, and offer deadlines to make you aware of:

Checkpoint: For several years members have received a discount on Checkpoint security services, but we also have great pricing on their Universal Self Service stations. These stations allow patrons to check out books and media, unlock media from cases, pay fines, and more from one station.

OCLC Language Sets:
We did a bulk buy of the language sets back in the Spring, and it was incredibly popular. We are again aggregating orders until mid-January.

AWE Early Literacy Stations:
Another bulk buy that is always popular - we are again aggregating orders for the early literacy stations, until November 23.
We will be aggregating orders for the online book review service from Booklist until November 15. We have scheduled a webinar for those of you who are interested in learning more about the service for November 8 at 10am.

MOTOR (Mentioned on Television or Radio):
If you are renewing your MOTOR subscription, you have until November 15 to get it in to us.

For more details on these, and our other offers, please go to the Products and Vendors page of the Califa website, or email

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